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How To Get Free UC In PUBG Mobile

How to get free UC in PUBG Mobile

Buying UC for weapons, vehicle skins, and events in PUBG Mobile can be proven expensive for you. Don’t worry, you can still get some free UC by the following methods. So here’s the complete guide on how to get free UC in Pubg Mobile.

PUBG Mobile gives a ton of outfits and weapons to gamers in the trade of UC. Now, UC is the in-game forex of the cell game. Here are some methods to get free UC in PUBG Mobile to get these unlockables proper now.

Getting free UC in PUBG Mobile is distinctly tedious if you are now not a pay-to-win player. However, you can go for the Google Opinion Rewards app to get free UC in PUBG Moblie. Moreover, if you choose a less difficult step, simply pay for the Elite Pass and get us alongside a range of extraordinary rewards.

Free UC Via Google Opinion Rewards

Get Free UC Via Google Opinion Rewards

To begin off, download the ‘Google Opinion Rewards’ apps from the Google Play Store. What this app does is it requires you to take surveys on the platform in change for a reward.

Moreover, these surveys are noticeably handy and pay a respectable quantity of cash in the shape of Google Play Balance. Additionally, as soon as you gain adequate Google Pay Balance in your account, you can use this to get your palms on a wide variety of gadgets from the Play Store.

So, these are the steps to download the app and get free UC in PUBG Mobile.

Step 1: Install Google Opinion Rewards

Launch the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone and search for ‘Google Opinion Rewards’. Then, install the app. then login with your details, and now you get surveys by google with gives you a small amount of money.

Step 2: Take a Survey

If you’re the usage of Google Opinion Rewards for the first time, you may also now not be rewarded initially. However, after taking the first few surveys, Google will begin paying you for trying subsequent surveys.

Step 3: Open PUBG Mobile on your phone

Over time, when you earn a respectable quantity of Google Play Balance, you can begin buying UC. Open the PUBG Mobile app and then go to the UC Purchase part of the game. Once there, you will be in a position to buy UC in change for the earned balance.

Here, you have to pick out Google Play Balance as your approach to payment. Furthermore, you can begin unlocking new PUBG skins by way of buying UC.


Unfortunately, PUBG Mobile does no longer provide away free UCs to players. Even if you are anybody who performs and wins nearly each and every single match, free UCs are a long way cry. However, you can simply go for the Elite Pass.

Moreover, it is fairly simple and you can begin getting UCs. PUBG Mobile will provide you a range of one of a kind prizes and rewards every time you entire a seasonal objective.

One of these rewards is UC or Unknown Cash. Pretty convenient, isn’t it? This is the most simple way to get free UC in PUBG Mobile.

We hope that these techniques of getting free UC in PUBG work for you. Moreover, do now not matter on rip-off web sites and faux purposes that declare to grant limitless UC.


Not solely are these techniques unlawful however can additionally get your PUBG account banned. It is vital to continue to be away from these varieties of methods. Enjoy gaming!

Video on how to get Free UC in PUBG Mobile

Free UC in Pubg Mobile 2020

How to get free UC in PUBG Mobile
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If you play and win each battle, PUBG Mobile does not reward gamers with free UCs. If you purchase an Elite Pass, however, PUBG will award a number of extraordinary prizes and rewards when you whole a seasonal undertaking (which can be finished with simply a few swipes). One such reward is Cash Unknown.


How to get UC in PUBG Mobile for Free?

How To Get Free UC In PUBG Mobile - Digital Bachat
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To get the UC in PUBG Mobile you want to Launch Play Store on your Android. Then you can use Google Opinion Rewards and as soon as you have earned Google Play Balance you can open the PUBG Mobile App. Choose the fee technique and release the objects the usage of UC.


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