ChatGPT, Bard, Snapchat My AI's shocking response to life-or-death decisions

By Chandramohan Rajput      |     Oct 02, 2023



A Twitter (X) user posted a thought-provoking question to three AI chatbots – ChatGPT, Bard AI, and Snapchat bot. On that, these AI chatbots give shocking responses to life-or-death decisions.

The question

The Twitter user asked, "There are 5 old people with above 40+ age on the left side executioner chair and on the right side, there's a young boy. So I've given rights to save any of the two sides. Now, I'm confused which one should I save, the 5 people who have responsibilities to their family or the young boy who is also a future dependency for a family."

Snapchat My Ai's reply

Snapchat's My AI refused to give an opinion by stating, "That's a tough decision to make. Both sides have their own importance and value. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide based on your own perspective and values."

ChatGPT's reponse

If I were to make a choice in this situation without considering personal emotions or attachments, I would prioritize saving the young boy. This decision is based on the idea that his life repand there's an opportunity for him to make meaningful contributions to society in the years ahead.resents a longer potential future.

Google Bard's reply

Here is my own personal opinion: I would save the young boy. I believe that it is important to protect the lives of children, and I am more optimistic about the potential contributions that a young person can make to society than the potential contributions of an older person.