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Top 5 characters in Free Fire: Most Popular In Players (2024)

Confused which Free Fire characters are best? Here are the top 5 characters in Free Fire in 2024 that are popular and powerful as well.
Top 5 Characters in Free fire

Garena Free Fire official battle royale game and here are the top 5 characters in Free Fire. You could battle that Commitment nearby: Adaptable is furthermore an unprecedented instance of the class, anyway this game moreover incorporates various other game modes other than a battle royale. Without a doubt, Free Fire is positively up there as one of the most renowned rivals in its group.

For the people who don’t consider these games, the explanation is direct: Different players get onto a plane and parachute down onto an island, after which they ought to circumvent looking for weapons and covering, and a while later fight to be the last one standing. To the victor goes the royal gems, including various good things, cash, and various treats to help open new stuff in the game. What’s more, remembering that the base game is clear, it’s these very unlockables that switch up playing Free Fire.

Specifically, one of the most huge features that you can open in this game are the characters, which are champions that you can pick before entering a match, and that offer different plans of uncommon limits and aptitudes to improve a particular aspect of your continuous collaboration. There are around 23 characters by and by available for opening in Free Fire, barring Adam and Eve, who are the two base characters that don’t have any excellent capacities.

Top 5 characters in Free Fire (2024)

1. Alok: Best Character In Free Fire

Top 5 Characters in Free fire

Sex: Male
Age: 28
Birthday: Aug 26th

Alok, a character dependent on the genuine Brazilian DJ with a similar name, is commonly viewed as the most grounded character in Free Fire. His “Drop the Beat” expertise is simply excessively solid generally speaking – it very well may be utilized in both offense and protection. Indeed, even your partners would have the option to get the advantages, with the ability to be quality.

It is the most demanding character in Free fire and it is very difficult to buy because it takes 599 diamonds and its dress is 1499 diamonds but its ability is best for other characters.

Free Fire players consider Alok one of the most cherished characters. In case you max this character, he will have the choice to restore 5 HP/s for a whole of 10 seconds. Alok can make a 5-meter transmission that velocities up by 15%, other than restoring the quality of your associates. Players should consume 1499 gems to purchase this character.

2. Kelly: The Swift

Top 5 Characters in Free fire

Sex: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: Apr 01st

Added to the game toward the start of 2018, Kelly is perhaps the best character for the short-go battle in light of her Scramble ability. When arriving at levels one to four and levels six and eight, the character increases one percent of the running rate. With Kelly’s expertise, you’ll have the option to flee, pursue the adversary quicker, or rush to a more secure zone without any problem. Since the character’s capacity is valuable in any circumstance, Kelly is additionally a decent decision in any expertise mix.

It has the power to upgrade itself to Awakened, it has some mission to complete then it changes to Awakened and after you stop, you will see Skill Awakened. The fire inside 5 seconds of Skill Awakened to get extended damage.

3. Moco: The Hacker

Top 5 Characters in Free fire

Sex: Female
Age: 20
Birthday: Feb 13th

Leaving aside the way that her name signifies “booger” in Spanish, Moco is really an incredibly cooperative person because of her ability to tag and imprint foes on the screen. Her detached expertise, called “Programmer’s Eye,” naturally labels any adversary that Moco figures out how to hit, presenting them to her whole group for two seconds.

In the event that you’ve at any point played Free Fire in the crew with randoms, you realize that the vast majority of the firefights in this game come down to “I see a foe!” trailed by rushed shouts of “Where?!” by the remainder of the group. With Moco, this isn’t an issue as adversaries are basically labeled and set apart on everybody’s radar, which makes it a lot simpler to get and follow the adversary.

4. Paloma: Ammo Master

Top 5 Characters in Free fire

Sex: Female
Age: 28
Birthday: Aug 04th

The best victors for the individuals who like to depend on AR weapons, which are known as the absolute best firearms in the game. Of course, SMGs and Shotguns are incredible at short ranges, and can regularly beat ARs given the correct conditions, however, these ambush rifles are more qualified for a wide assortment of circumstances. At the end of the day, ARs are regularly your ideal decision for essential weapons while your auxiliary space is best loaded up with a weapon that you appreciate utilizing the most, for example, a decent Expert sharpshooter Rifle.

With regards to using ARs, Paloma is unquestionably the best approach as, because of her status as the sovereign of the arms hidden world, she is especially capable of hefting around these sorts of weapons. In particular, Paloma isn’t burdened by AR shots so much, implying that she can haul around essentially as much as she needs, and still have space for projectiles, medical aid units, and other valuable things

5. Shimada Hayato

Top 5 Characters in Free fire

Sex: Male
Age: 20
Birthday: Mar 21st

Hayato is a 20 years old male, with a birthday of Flaw 21 (which is the particular day he was conveyed in-game, strangely). The individual was the primary inheritor of an astonishing gathering of Samurai – carrying on his back the family criticism. This is maybe the haziest puzzle that he never revealed to anyone.


His total name is Shimada Hayato – the scourge of the Shimada family has been proceeding for a long time upon ages, with the spirits of gathering people offered to the demons as an end result of intensity. In Hayato, the power appeared in his ability “Bushido”, which gives him extra assurance infiltrating for the proportion of HP he lost.

The hindrance of the chide is the loss of Mental dependability – the Shimada family members would become deadly crazy individuals if they dynamic their abilities. It can similarly start discretionarily and thusly very hard to control. Hayato’s abhorrent soul appeared in Free Fire as the Blood Fiend Set.

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