Meta to bring Threads on Web: All the features and limitations

Meta to launch Threads’ web version to allow users to log-in from computers. Mark Zuckerberg says that the web version would reach users over the next few days.
Threads web version app on laptop

Meta is about to launch Threads on the web in the coming days. Threads, Meta’s new X killer, will reportedly launch its web version this week.

A lot of Threads users have been seen complaining for its availability, apart from mobile app, on other platforms as well.

But now, as anticipated, the company is finally set to make the microblogging platform available on the web too.

Threads Web Version Launch

Adam Mosseri, the head of the Threads project, announced on his official Instagram broadcast channel that the company will soon launch a web version of Threads.

Addam Mosseri stated, “Excited to roll out Threads on web over the next few days. With this new logged-in web experience, you can post, view your feed, and interact with threads. We know you’ve been waiting…we’re working hard to bring everything you love from mobile to web.”

Moreover, the official also shared two images of how the Threads’ web version will look like.

Features and limitations of Threads web version

Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, has revealed that the web version of Threads, on launch, will have some basic functionalities initially.

According to the reports, the Threads web will have a login page that is similar to Instagram’s login interface as shown in the shared images. Also, there’s a Login with Instagram option can be seen which will make it easier for users if provided.

Threads web version going to launch soon
(Image credit: Instagram Official Broadcast Channel)

Furthermore, the microblogging platform will offer basic functions such as posting, viewing feeds, and interacting with threads.

Threads web version interface revealed by Meta
(Image credit: Instagram official broadcast channel)

Moreover, as per the images, shared on the broadcast channel, it can also be clearly seen that the web version will have a similar look to Instagram’s web page. However, the navigation menu, unlike Instagram, will be on top of the screen.

Why Threads on Web

There’s no denying that Meta’s Threads intends to replace the X (formerly known as Twitter). As a result, within days of its launch, the platform had 100 million signups. But, as daily usage has dropped by more than 70%, according to Sensor Tower, the idea of removing the X appears to be fading.

This is why Threads is looking to claim its users as well as attract users from X by providing launching and granting access to the web for desktop users.

Threads Web version launch date

There’s no exact launch date of the web app of Threads revealed by the officials. However, the company has declared that it will be available over the next few days, probably this week.

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