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Instagram users can now download reels, but there’s a catch

Meta-owned Instagram is introducing the ability to download Reels shared by public accounts to the camera roll, in the US.
new Instagram reels download feature

Instagram reels feature is one of the revolutionary experiments of Meta as it took the place of TikTok after the ban in many countries. The Instagram reels are 90-second vertical format videos that attracted users heavily and provide broad reach.

Sometimes we love an Instagram reel and thus we share it with others. But what if you want to download it on your phone? There’s no direct way to do so apart from using third-party Instagram video downloading services. But not anymore.

Instagram is now finally allowing users to download the reels on their phones.

Instagram to roll out a reels download feature

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, made the announcement on his broadcast channel that users will now be able to download the Instagram Reels to their camera roll.

Mosseri stated on Wednesday, “In the US, we’re rolling out the ability to download Reels shared by public accounts to your camera roll. Just tap the Share icon on a Reel you love and select Download.”

This means you will no longer need to use any third-party download apps or websites for downloading an Instagram reel. You will just need to tap on share and a download button will appear in the options through which you can save them directly to your device.

The catch

The Instagram reels download feature is currently only available in the US and that too only for smartphones. Once the feature is tested successfully, it will start rolling out globally.

Adam Mosseri also noted an important point that the reel downloading feature will only be available for public accounts. This basically means the users will only be able to download the Instagram reels of public accounts. The private accounts might not be able to access the IG reel downloading.

However, public accounts will get the ability to control whether they want to let allow others to download their reels or not. But it is also limited to all as there’s no option to control it for specific people.

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