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Emoji Mishap: Thumbs-Up Emoji Costs a Farmer Rs50 Lakh Fine

A Canadian farmer named Chris Actor is fined $6100 (approx Rs50 Lakh) for using thumbs-up emoji. Here's how misinterpreting emojis can cost mishap.
Thumbs-Up Emoji Costs a Farmer Rs50 Lakh Fine

We all send messages to our contacts in our daily life and use emoji to add a layer of emotion and expression to our texts. But, what if you have to pay for sending emoji? One such incident happened with a Canadian farmer who had to pay a fine for using emoji.

A recent incident in Saskatchewan, Canada teaches us all a lesson that misinterpreting emoji can have serious consequences, resulting in a costly mistake for one person.

The Emoji Mishap

The incident took place when a Canadian farmer named Chris Actor was approached by a local for buying grain. In 2021, the buyer sent an online message to the farmer that he wants to purchase his crops in November. In response to the contract message, perhaps unknowingly, Chris Actor replied with a thumbs-up emoji.

When November arrived, Chris Actor couldn’t deliver the crops and till that time the price of the crops had significantly increased which made the stronger reason for getting him unable to fulfill the demand.

Misinterpretation of Emoji

Chris Actor argued that his use of the thumbs-up emoji was intended solely to acknowledge the receipt of the contract, not to confirm its terms. However, the grain buyer steadfastly maintained that the emoji signified an affirmation of the contract’s conditions.

Due to conflicts and no clear resolution in sight, the case eventually reached the court, seeking a definitive ruling on the matter.

The Court Case

The courtroom drama took an unexpected turn when the judge presiding over the case recognized the thumbs-up emoji as an official signature, a legally binding confirmation. As a result, Chris Actor was held liable for breach of contract and faced a staggering fine of $6100, equivalent to approximately ₹50 lakh.

The Lesson

The whole incident unfolds the hidden consequences of emojis that how misinterpreting an emoji can take a way to the wrong path. It is important to fully understand the meaning behind emojis before using them in our daily communications.

However, for your convenience, let us clarify the actual meaning of the thumbs-up emoji. According to reports, a thumbs-up emoji indicates affirmation and positivity, and is commonly used to say “okay.” The thumbs-down emoji, on the other hand, denotes disagreement or disapproval.

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