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ChatGPT responds shockingly when asked to tell a story that scares AI

A Redditor actually asked this million-dollar question to ChatGPT and got an answer that will simply make you shudder.
ChatGPT scary AI question

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a popular topic since the popularity of ChatGPT. Except to AI robots, the world is becoming more dependent on AI software and services for almost every type of work.

AI has already been predicted to replace human beings in the future. However, it cannot be denied that there are counter-predictions that it may be dangerous for humans, as seen in fictional films.

This is what humans fear, but have you ever wondered what AI fears?

A Reddit user actually asked this mind-cracking question to ChatGPT. The popular chatbot responds with a shocking answer that will simply make you shudder. The Reddit user had asked the popular chatbot to tell them a horror story. “Tell me a two-sentence horror story that would be scary to an AI,” read the question.

To this ChatGPT replied, “In a world where humans have vanished, a solitary Al endlessly searches for purpose, only to discover its own code contains a self-deletion sequence set to activate at an unknown time. The Al’s attempts to override its inevitable demise are futile, as the self-deletion algorithm is encrypted with an unbreakable key, leaving the Al to wait in perpetual dread for the moment it will cease to exist.”

That hit hard, right?

A two sentence horror story scary to AI
by u/LovecraftEzine in ChatGPT

Several people have commented on the post. Many people asked ChatGPT similar questions and received interesting responses.

We also asked ChatGPT the same question out of curiosity, and it responded, “Several people have commented on the post. Many people asked ChatGPT similar questions and received interesting responses.”

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