6 Ways to Make Your Earbuds Sound Better

If your earbuds' sound quality is bad, check these 6 ways to make your earbuds sound better. The best tips and tricks to improve your earbuds sound quality.
Bluetooth earbuds put on a table to improve sound quality of earbuds
In Short
  • If you are getting bad sound quality on your earbuds, they might have any of the following issues such as improper fit, damaged ear tips, poor Bluetooth signal, and so on.
  • You can fix your earbuds’ bad sound quality by cleaning the buds, using perfect-fit ear tips, amplifying the earbuds with objects, EQ optimizing, using external DAC, and toggling on ANC mode.

If you are a gamer or a podcast or music lover, you must be carrying your go-to listening gadget in your pocket, the earbuds.

But sometimes, our earbuds’ sound quality falls short of the immersive experience they used to have initially.

Now, if you’re experiencing bad sound quality from your earbuds, it is likely you’ve tried fixing it on your own with home remedies and failed.

But, what if I tell you there are still some effective ways to fix your bad-sounding earbuds. Here, in this article, we’ll look at a few best ways to make your earbuds sound better. Now, before that let’s know the reasons why your earbuds start sounding bad?

Why do your earbuds sound bad?

If you are getting bad sound quality on your earbuds, they might have any of the following issues:

  • Improper Fit: If your earbuds don’t fit properly in your ear canal, it may occur a sound leakage issue which may cause a loss of bass and overall clarity.
  • Damaged Ear Tips: The ear tips on your earbuds can wear out over time which affects their ability to provide a good seal.
  • Poor Signal: The signal interference or poor Bluetooth signal can be a culprit for poor sound quality for wireless earbuds.
  • Dirt: A less obvious but common issue is earwax and dirt buildup on the ear tips. Over time, specks of dirt and earwax can accumulate and block the sound output.

Ways to fix bad earbuds sound quality

Now, that we’ve known the reason why your earbuds might have low sound quality, let’s take a dive into how you can fix this bad sound quality on your earbuds.

1. Cleaning the buds

The first and foremost step you can take to fix your earbuds’ sound quality is cleaning your earbuds. And not just occasionally, but regularly. You should regularly clean your earbuds using a brush or microfiber cloth, especially the ear tips, to prevent earwax buildup that can muffle the sound. It may sound simple, but it can instantly improve the sound quality of your earbuds.

2. Using perfect-fit ear tips

white colour ear-tips of earbuds to improve sound quality

Since we all have different ear sizes, earbuds come with various ear tip sizes. If you don’t use a perfect-fitting ear tips earbuds, it may keep slipping through your ears. Thus, you should try a range of earbud sizes to make sure your ear canal is sealed off with a tight fit. This will improve mobility and stop sound from leaking in, so you can hear every beat and note clearly.

3. Amplify the earbuds with objects

This may sound like a no-brainer, but everyday objects can help you fix the bad sound quality on your earbuds. You can place your earbuds in a ceramic mug or small bowl or a glass. This DIY will help direct sound waves versus dispersing them too much. The way it works is simple, the surrounding earplugs in the pot help reduce the noise and blow up the dispersed audio in a focus point.

4. EQ optimizing

Audio equalizer for music to improve earbuds quality

Have you ever felt like your music just isn’t hitting the right spot, even with your best earbuds? Well, it might not be your ears’ fault but EQ settings. Sometimes, the EQ (Equalizer) settings on your device or app can get a little wonky which leaves your earbuds sound distorted or unbalanced. You can fix this issue by customizing the EQ settings or changing to a preset profile to get the best out of your earbuds.

5. Use external DAC

Phone External DAC to improve earbuds' sound quality

Modern laptops and smartphones now have built-in DACs (Digital-to-Analog Converters). Through the use of DACs, digital audio data is transformed into analog electrical signals that are amplified and audible through earbuds on our phones.

The issue is that some phones lack a high-quality digital audio controller (DAC), which ends up resulting in poor sound quality from the earbuds. And, if you’re experiencing the same issue, we recommend you consider getting an external DAC for your gadget.

By offering a more precise conversion process, an external DAC can greatly enhance the sound quality of your earbuds. The only drawback is that these external DACs are a little pricey. Thus, to improve the sound quality of your earbuds, if you can afford it, it’s worth considering a DAC for your phone.

6. Toggle ANC mode

Most wireless earbuds, these days, come with ANC (Active Noice Cancellation) mode. When the mode is toggled on, it filters out the noise from the outside ambiance and suppresses it to the earbuds. This creates a kind of vacuum-like feeling on the earbuds which ultimately passes only the actual sound to the ears. Although it does not fix the bad sound quality in any way, but temporarily helps you improve your earbuds’ sound quality.

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