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How to Fix High Ping in Free Fire

How to Fix High Ping in Free Fire

If you play Free Fire so you see some times your ping goes high and the games stop working so here are some tricks to How to Fix High Ping in Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire is one of the most famous cell video games around the globe. It has crossed 100M+ downloads on the Google Playstore. Free Fire is a hostilities royale sport in which 50 gamers are spawned on a faraway island, the goal is to be the remaining survivor. The gamers can collect weapons, throwables, and different add-ons that assist them to beat their opponents.

Since Free Fire is an online game, the ping or community latency performs a critical function in finding out the winner of the game. Low ping is pretty vital in prevailing the game, and an excessive ping can additionally be a motive for the lag in the game. The ping price is displayed in the pinnacle left nook of the screen and is measured in milliseconds.

What is ping and why does it increase?

How to Fix High Ping in Free Fire
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Ping, as described in Wikipedia, is a laptop community administration software program utility used to check the reachability of a host on an Internet Protocol (IP) network. So, basically, it’s a numerical measure of the power of your connection. The decrease the ping, the higher it is. Ping can extend due to the fact of the following reasons:


An unstable supply of net connection.

A lot of gadgets are linked to a single network can be the reason for the high ping issue in Free Fire. This forces the connection to prioritize as per the duties involved. The different gadgets demand resources. Thus, ensuing in a negative connection.

A history challenge is ingesting the majority of the network’s strength. For eg. downloading a massive file or film in the heritage whilst playing. Multiple apps are energetic in the background. Keeping more than one tabs open in the heritage will drain your battery and community strength, alike.

So always try not to use heavy and multiple tasks simultaneously, and use only a connection which is free of other works. Applying this trick can also help to fix high ping in Free Fire.

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Video Tutorial on how to fix high ping Free Fire

How to Fix High Ping in Free Fire on the Internet Connection


1. Switch to a steady source

In most cases, an unstable supply of connections is a regular issue. To unravel this, sincerely strive to switch to some other connection. For instance, you may want to play on device-data and change to a Wi-Fi community or vice versa.

To make certain a low ping, the participant must be taking part in in the nearest server or region. So make positive that you have chosen your location efficiently to keep away from ping troubles at some point in a game.

2. Strong Wi-Fi connection

When enjoying over Wi-Fi make certain that your Wi-Fi connection is strong, at least three bars or showing as an inexperienced icon.

How to Fix High Ping in Free Fire
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Playing the recreation of a cell community can be a purpose for this issue. If the community vary is low, then the ping can be high. This in flip can purpose a lag in the game. Wi-Fi presents a steady net speed, that can preserve the ping low.

3. Closing all heritage duties and apps

Close all historical past apps earlier than playing can help you to fix high ping in Free Fire. Sometimes, a restart may additionally do the trick, as well. Ensure that there are no energetic downloads ongoing both whilst you play.

Some apps on your gadget like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. preserve jogging in history and can devour your information pace whilst you are taking part in the game. So make certain to shut the historical past apps earlier than coming into a game. This will additionally free up your RAM and decrease the ping.

4. Conduct conventional Speed Tests

Check your community power by pace check websites. If the ping suggests high, contact your provider. There may be some technical problems that crept up with you being oblivious of them. Your provider company has to be in a position to rectify them, quicker or later.

The pace of the web is one of the full-size elements that determine the ping. Higher the web speed, the lower will be the ping. The gamers can test their net velocity via downloading the Speedtest app by way of Okla and take a look at the great of their net connection by means of jogging a pace test.

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How to Fix High Ping in Free Fire through Device Settings

How to Fix High Ping in Free Fire
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Here are some fundamental troubleshooting steps to restore excessive ping in Garena Free Fire. Follow the steps and they can also assist you to decrease down the ping.e

1. Restarting the device

Yes, this may additionally sound honestly ineffective and vague, however, occasionally this is all it takes to enhance ping.

2. Switching between handy Networks

If restarting doesn’t appear to work, then change between gadget information and handy Wi-Fi networks:

  • Open your Settings app. Tap on “Wireless & networks” or “Connections”.
  • Subject to your device, these preferences can also be different.
  • Turn Wi-Fi off and cellular statistics on, and take a look at it to see if there’s a sizeable difference.
  • If not, flip cellular records off and Wi-Fi on and see if that works.
  • Fixing cell statistics problems

First and foremost, make certain that the connection of the facts is becoming on. Secondly, take a look at whether or not you have an ample quantity of statistics in your account or not. Switch cellular records off and on to see if this helps to enhance ping. Establishing a sparkling new connection, on occasion does assist in restoring low ping.

3. Fixing Wi-Fi and Router issues

Make certain that you’re certainly related to the Wi-Fi community and it stays on.
Sometimes, transferring nearer to the router tends to raise your community energy main to an enhanced Wi-Fi connection.

You can additionally reset your router in case it’s related to Wi-Fi at home. Unplug and plug the router returned once more into the electrical outlet. Make positive the lights flip off and on, correspondingly. This regularly helps in fixing ping.

4. Low Storage Space

Always hold enough storage house in your system whilst enjoying the game. Low storage house can sluggish your device, and enlarge the ping. You can backup your photographs and movies with the usage of cloud storage like the Photos app by way of Google.

5. Connection Report

Free Fire provides a choice to ship them the connection document if you are experiencing connection troubles which should be a purpose for the excessive ping. The connection file can be despatched via navigating to the sport settings.

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