How to Fix High Ping in Free Fire in 2024

Facing high ping in while playing Free Fire? Here is how to fix high ping in Free Fire in 2024. Check the 6 methods to fix Free Fire high ping.
How to Fix High Ping in Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is one of the famous mobile battle royale games around the globe. And if you are one of those players who plays Free Fire hardcore, you most probably know what makes a match winnable — Yes, it’s good ping or low latency in the game.

And if your ping in Free Fire is high, you’ll notice the lags and miscommunication in the game which results in losing the game.

Now if you are struggling with high ping in Free Fire, stick to this guide, as here we’ve covered some easy ways to fix high ping in Free Fire that still works in 2024.

What is ping in Free Fire?

Since Free Fire is an online game, ping aka latency plays a critical role in making a player the match winner. This is because the ping determines the speed of packet exchanges between the game and server in real-time. The ping in Free Fire is measured in milliseconds which can be seen on the top left corner of the screen.

How to fix high ping in Free Fire (2024)

1. Switch to a steady internet source

In most cases, an unstable supply of connections is a regular issue. To unravel this, sincerely strive to switch to some other connection. For instance, if you are playing on mobile data, you may want to switch to a Wi-Fi connection or vice versa. This will help you fix the high-ping problem in Free Fire instantly.

2. Strong Wi-Fi connection

If you play Free Fire over a Wi-Fi connection, make certain that your Wi-Fi connection is strong, at least three bars, or more are showing on the signal. When your Wi-Fi connection gets strong, it is more likely to fix the high ping and get a low ping in the game right away.

3. Close background apps

When you’re about to play Free Fire on your device, make sure to close all previously used apps, including the recent tab. This is because leaving apps without properly closing them after use consumes mobile data and device memory in the background which leads to high ping in the game. Therefore, closing all apps before playing Free Fire is a good way to solve the high ping issue in seconds.

4. Choose the nearest server location

A server location plays a major role in ping speed. When you are too far from the chosen server, you’ll face high ping issues in Free Fire due to high time in packet exchanges in real time. Hence, choose the nearest server location in Free Fire to get the low ping.

5. Restart the device

You can solve the high ping problem in Free Fire by simply restarting your device. Yes, this may sound ineffective and vague, but sometimes it is all that is required to improve ping. When you restart your device, all apps and memory are refreshed, resulting in reduced data usage and lower ping while playing games.

6. Download game resources

When you update the Free Fire, it adds new resources and items that must be downloaded into the game. If you skip it and start a game without downloading, it will start and continue to download the game resources in the background, resulting in high ping. To avoid high ping, download the game resources before starting a match.

The bottom lines

That’s all, the aforementioned methods will help you fix the high ping problem in your Free Fire game. After following all these methods, you’ll get a low ping in your every game. However, if you are still having high ping in matches, then we suggest you report the problem to Garena using their report section in the game.

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