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Do Not Disturb: How to Activate DND on Jio 2022

How to Activate DND on Jio 2021

Do you also get those annoying promotional calls and messages on your Jio number? You can easily stop or reduce spam calls and messages by activating the DND service on your Jio number. Here’s the complete guide on how to activate DND on Jio 2022.

Short Summary

  • What is DND (Do Not Disturb)?
  • Activate Do Not Disturb to stop spam calls and messages.
  • Activate DND for any mobile number.
  • How to Activate DND on Jio.

What is DND ( Do Not Disturb )

In order to prevent any kind of marketing calls and spam messages, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) had set up the National Do Not Call Registry (NDNC) in the year 2011. It allows telecom users to stop receiving calls and messages from entities they do not want. It has no business relationship. In this article, we will show you how to activate DND on Jio 2022 Telecom Company.


Activate Do Not Disturb to stop spam calls and messages

National Do Not Call Registry (NDNC) is popularly known as National Customer Preference Register (NCPR). It also adds some new complications, but still allows the user to decide whether they want to receive telemarketing calls and messages. So without further ado, let us see how to activate DND on Jio 2022.

Activate DND for any mobile number

The following method can work with any mobile number, irrespective of its carrier. To learn how DND works, follow these steps:

  • Send SMS to 1909 (Toll-Free) from any number for which you want to activate DND. The text should start with dnd or start 0. After which a message will be received from the carrier saying that your request will be effective within 24 hours.
Activate DND on Jio
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  • Alternatively, you can also call 1909 (toll-free number) from any mobile number from which you are trying to register for DND. Which, depending on your career, may or may not have the first language selection option. Then, follow their instructions to register for DND.

Note: You may have to repeat the process for each number separately. If you want to receive promotional messages or calls from a particular area, you can activate DND only for others. Be sure to follow the guidelines below to block certain types of promotional activity:

1- Insurance, Banking, Financial Products, and Credit Cards.
2- Real Estate.
3- Education.
4- Health.
5- Consumer Goods and Automobiles.
6- Communications, Entertainment, Broadcasting, and IT.
7- Tourism and Leisure.

How to Activate DND on Jio 2022

As explained in the article above, the process works fine for the Jio number, but the Jio company provides you an option to activate DND (Do Not Disturb) using the MyJio app. Below is how you can do it:

Step 1. First of all, download and install the MyJio app on your phone.

How to Activate DND on Jio 2021
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Step 2. After that open, the MyJio app and touch on the hamburger menu on the top left. Then on the slide-out panel, scroll down, and touch on Settings.

Step 3. On the next page, select Do Not Disturb, depending on your service settings. After that, then scroll down to the next page, and select the option “completely blocked”, and submit.

How to Activate DND on Jio 2021
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So with this, you can do How to Activate DND on Jio. This is the easiest and simplest solution, with the help of which you can activate do not disturb on your Jio number.


Note: You may receive certain transactional messages or business calls related to businesses by selecting the second or third option.

How to Activate DND on Jio 2021
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Finally, confirm your selection by touching “Agree”. You will receive a message that your choice has been registered, the changes will be reflected in 24 hours. You have activated DND on your Jio number.

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