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Xiaomi is offering a Battery Replacement Program for its India Users

Xiaomi battery replacment program

Xiaomi has announced a new battery replacement program for only Indian consumers and starting at Rs 499.

 Xiaomi has announced a new battery replacement offer for Indian customers. Xiaomi Users who are facing battery issues can now get the smartphone battery checked at the nearest Mi Service Center. If the battery is defective, then the battery can be replaced at a low cost of just Rs 499.

Along with this service, Xiaomi has announced a new battery replacement offer for older phones. To assist customers who are facing battery or charging problems. This offer is exclusively available for Redmi and Xiaomi smartphone owners in India.

If you are not from India, this offer is not for you. To learn more, users should go to their nearest Xiaomi service facility.

Xiaomi Battery Replacement Offer

Users of Poco and Redmi were eagerly waiting for this offer in India. Because nowadays the battery of an old device drains very quickly.

Xiaomi users can now get their smartphone’s battery replaced for just Rs 499. Keep in mind that the cost of replacing a battery is not the same for all devices; This is determined by the handset used.

Notably, consumers can visit their nearest Xiaomi service center for more information on battery price and warranty details.

There is a possibility that the battery is defective and will not charge as effectively. In such instances, it is preferable to contact an authorized service center to have the battery’s condition checked. It is also recommended that you charge your phone with a charger provided by the provider.

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