How to Copy Jio Tune of Others (Instantly in 1 Click)

Jio allows you to copy caller tunes from another Jio number for free. Here are the steps to copy Jio tunes from other numbers
How to copy Jio tune from other number
In Short
  • Jio allows its users to copy the Jio tune of other Jio users for free.
  • You can copy any Jio user’s caller tune, also known as a Jio tune, and set it right away while on a call.
  • To copy the Jio tune of another Jio number, simply call that Jio number from your Jio number and dial star (*) before they answer. You will now receive a confirmation SMS; simply respond with “Y” to activate the copied Jio tune.

Did you call someone and get so lost in that beautiful caller tune you heard while calling them that now you want to copy that tune in your own number? Well, you can do this, if you are using a Jio number and have an active plan.

If you are a Jio user, you can simply set the Jio tune of your favorite song on your number for free. But, this can take a few minutes.

Instead, you can copy the Jio tune of others instantly without letting them know.

Reliance Jio allows users to copy the caller tune that they hear from another’s Jio number while calling and set it directly as their own for free.

If you have heard someone’s caller tune and love it so much that you want to set it as your caller tune as well, you don’t have to manually search and set that song. If you are already on a call, you can copy them directly.

In this step-by-step guide, we have covered the process of copying Jio tune from other Jio numbers for free in just a single click. Now, with that said, let’s jump right to the steps.

How to copy Jio Tune from others (2024)

Step 1: First, call the contact using your Jio number from whom you want to copy the Jio tune.

Step 2: Next, when the Jio tune is playing, press the star (*) button.

Step 3: You will now receive a confirmation message on your Jio number.

Step 4: Once you receive the SMS, reply with “Y” within 30 minutes to confirm.

How to copy Jio tune from others
(Image credit: Jio)

This will now instantly copy and activate the caller tune on your Jio number. However, remember that the copied caller tunes will only be valid for 30 days, so you will need to repeat this process to extend the validity.


What is Jio Tune?

Jio Tune is a caller tune service offered by Reliance Jio that allows you to personalize the ringtone callers hear when they dial your Jio number. You can set your favorite song or tune as your Jio Tune.

Can I copy someone else's Jio Tune?

Yes, you can copy the Jio Tune of another Jio user by pressing the asterisk (*) key before they answer your call.

What happens after I press the asterisk key while receiving a Jio call?

If you press the asterisk key before answering a Jio call, you'll receive an SMS from Jio with a confirmation message asking if you want to set the caller's Jio Tune as your own.

How do I confirm that I want to copy the Jio Tune?

You can confirm that you want to copy the Jio Tune by replying to the confirmation SMS with 'Y' within 30 minutes of receiving it. This will activate the caller's Jio Tune on your number.

How long will the copied Jio Tune stay active?

The copied Jio Tune will be active for 30 days, just like any other Jio Tune you set. You can renew it after the validity period expires.

Can I copy a Jio Tune from a non-Jio number?

No, you can only copy Jio Tunes from other Jio users.

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