How to clean a computer screen without damaging it (2024)

Cleaning a computer screen is simple, but you must proceed with caution to avoid damaging the screen. Here are some tips and tricks to clean a computer without damaging it.
How to clean a computer screen

Computers and laptops have become an integral part of our daily lives. Since we’re using it daily, it may cause internal component damage as well as damage to external peripherals such as mice, keyboards, and monitor screens.

Screens are one of the most important components of any electronic device. And if you have a computer or laptop, it is crucial to regularly clean the screen and monitor as they may contain dust, stains, fingerprints, and other contaminants.

With that being said, it’s not like you wake up and just start rubbing your computer or laptop screen with a rough cloth. There’s a good and structured way to clean a computer screen which we’ve discussed in this article. We’ve mentioned a few best ways to clean a computer screen that you consider in 2024.

How to clean a computer screen (2024)

Most people use a rough cloth dampened with water to clean their computer and laptop screens. This can damage the screen and spread dust mites and stains instead. There are several methods for safely cleaning a computer screen. Cleaning fluids and kits are frequently used to maintain computer screens. To clean a computer screen, follow these steps.

1. Use microfiber cloths

Lint-free cleaning cloths don’t lose fibers from rubbing against surfaces. This means that the screen does not produce static electricity or scratch the glass. Microfiber cloths (the type of cloth used to clean glasses and screens) can easily remove dust and fingerprint stains.

Cleaning computer with microfiber cloth
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When the screen cleaning process begins, run a cloth over the screen the length of the screen. Don’t stop wiping midway as cleaning halfway through can make it worse.

2. Unplug the monitors and laptop screens

When cleaning your computer screen, turn off the power by unplugging the system and monitor. When using liquids, there is a greater risk of electric shock if it is left on. As a result, turn off the electrical appliance before cleaning.

Disconnecting Computer while cleaning the screen
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If you’re cleaning a laptop screen, you can do it anyway. However, it is preferable to leave the electric screen blank again so that you do not notice the LED screen.

3. Circular Wipe

Cleaning Computer screen in circular motion

A good way to clean computer and laptop screens is to blow the foam or liquid into the center of the screen and then clean in a circular motion starting from the center. While cleaning the computer screen, avoid pressing on it as this may cause damage to the screen. It is preferable to repeat this process several times until the stains are removed from the frame of your laptop or computer screen.


Things to avoid while cleaning computer screen

Certain daily habits and activities harm computers and laptops, as well as shorten the life of screens and monitors. Things to avoid include:

Daily cloths

Things to avoid when cleaning computer screen

Do not clean computer screens with household cloths because they are usually rough, which can damage the screen and cause scratches. It is best to avoid using paper towels, tea towels, handkerchiefs, or very thick towels on a daily basis. They may appear soft, but they can scratch your computer screen.

Homemade cleaning solutions or liquids

how to clean computer screen

Another thing to avoid when cleaning a computer or laptop screen is using a low-cost or homemade cleaning solution. Cleaning fluids sold in stores are made with specific formulas for cleaning items, but homemade liquids can be far more contaminated than they can be cleaned.

Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are frequently used to remove stubborn dust, but using one to clean a computer screen can be hazardous. If it moves too quickly, it can permanently damage the screen. We recommend using extreme caution when cleaning with it or better avoiding it.



If you’re careful, computer monitors and laptop screens are very simple to clean. Never use rags or household clothes to clean computer screens. It is always preferable to clean with a microfiber cloth and a few drops of cleaning solution. That’s it, you do not need to do anything else to keep a computer or laptop’s screen clean.

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