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Top Mobile Brands in India 2022

mobile brands in india

If you are looking to buy a new mobile phone, then in this post you can see the best mobile phone brands in India along with the list of best-selling models. For more information, you can see the best mobile brands below.

If you are planning to buy a smartphone for yourself in 2023, and you are still unsure which brand/company to buy? So in this article, we have made it easy to understand the good brands by listing the top smartphone brands in India.

That is, you can see currently the best-selling mobile brands in India 2022. And in today’s time, the average person considers buying himself a new smartphone every 1.5 years.

The special thing about this post is that, if you are planning to buy the best brands smartphone in 2022-23, then you can read below about the top best phones coming in India.

List of Mobile Brands in India 2022:


1. Xiaomi

Xiaomi company is one of the top coming brands in India. Xiaomi launched its first smartphone in August 2010. Which in today’s time in India is very

Xiaomi released its first smartphone in August 2011 and quickly gained market share in China. To be the largest smartphone company in China in 2014. As of 2018, Xiaomi is the 5th largest smartphone company in the world.

Xiaomi has also revolutionized the budget smartphone market in India, both with its phones and its unique marketing strategies such as special launches and flash sales.

This company manufactures mobile phones, TVs, fitness trackers, and many more products, and is one of the most popular brands in India. Most people use the phones of Xiaomi brands.

Let me tell you that after launching its product, Xiaomi became very popular in India very soon. Xiaomi offers more features and specifications than the price of its device.

Xiaomi Mobile Brands in India
HeadquarterYingu Mansion, Beijing, China
Established6 April 2010
FounderLei Jun
In India HeadquarterNew Delhi, Bengaluru

2. Samsung

You must have heard the name of the Samsung brand when it comes to a popular mobiles, tablets and TVs brands including consumer electronics such as AC, washing machines, etc. Samsung Companies is one of the top global brands as well as in India.

phone brand in india 2021
(Image Credit: PricePony)

Samsung’s company based in South Korea was founded in 1938. In addition to being one of the largest manufacturers of smartphones and tablets, the company also develops, manufactures, and sells other consumer products.

Let me tell you, Samsung is one of the most famous brand names. Which offer the best smartphones in both the high- as well as mid-and low-price categories.

Talking about the performance and specifications of this phone, an all-rounder Samsung device covers all aspects from storage, camera, and display to RAM and battery life. Samsung is one of the long-lasting brands.

Samsung Smartphone Brands
HeadquarterSouth Korea
Established1 March 1938
FounderLee Byung-Chul
in India HeadquarterAhmedabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi

3. Oneplus

This phone comes from the best brand in India. OnePlus is a Chinese manufacturer of smartphone brands. This phone has become a very popular brand in India.

smartphone brands in india
(Image Credit: Tech Advisor)

Let us tell you, OnePlus Design is the best smartphone with excellent quality which is inbuilt with the best technology in the whole world.

The most loved models of OnePlus brands in India – OnePlus 7T, OnePlus 7T pro, and OnePlus 6T rank as the most popular and best model of the company. The price of this smartphone is a bit high but its hardware and software provide excellent performance.

OnePlus Smartphone Brands
HeadquarterShenzhen ‘China’
Established16 December 2013
FounderPete Lau, Carl Pei
In India HeadquarterHyderabad, Bengaluru

4. Vivo

You would love to know that today Vivo has also made its place on the list of top 5 mobile manufacturers in India. Vivo A relatively new brand in the market since its inception.

mobile brands in india

Vivo has been offering the best quality smartphones with appropriate or unbelievable features and specifications, especially for the youth in other countries including India, the USA, London, and China. You can buy all Vivo smartphones in the Indian markets.

Vivo Smartphone Brands
HeadquarterDongguan ‘China’
FounderDuan Yongping, Shen Wei
in India HeadquarterGurugram, Haryana

5. Oppo

Oppo phone has made a different identity in the whole country, which in today’s time has got the top position in India. All products of Oppo are performing well in India.

phone brands

Oppo Brands launches stylish mobile phones with great camera quality. Its special thing is that it comes with the latest technology.
With this phone, you can easily do photography, editing, etc.

Let me tell you, Oppo launched the first smartphone in 2008, which started the journey of the brand that started with amazing features and technologies. There are smartphones under this smartphone brand such as Oppo K3, Oppo Reno 10x Zoom, Oppo Reno 2Z, etc.

Oppo Smartphone Brands
HeadquarterDongguan ‘China’
FounderTony Chen
In India HeadquarterGurgaon, Haryana

6. Apple

Apple smartphone is one of the best smartphone brands. The price of this phone comes at a slightly higher price in India. But more features and performance have been included in this smartphone than the price.
Apple has got the status of one of the Fashionable brands in India. If we talk about the best phones of Apple smartphones, then the products include iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11, Apple iPhone XR and etc.

Apple Smartphone Brands
HeadquarterCupertino, California, United States
Established1 April 1976
FounderSteve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne
In India HeadquarterBangalore

7. LG

LG is a brand that covers all digital electronics products. LG has made a new brand from India abroad. All its products come with more than one performance.

Let us tell you that LG is involved in its advanced mobile phones and smartphones, tablets, and mobile accessories and various home products like refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, air conditioners, air dehumidifiers, LED lighting, and much more.

LG Mobile has become a very big brand in India. LG is a South Korean manufacturer. Let me tell you, LG is such a brand in India that no other brand launch a phone like it.

LG Mobile Brands in India
HeadquarterSeoul, South Korea
FounderKoo In-Hwoi
In India HeadquarterGreater Noida ‘Delhi

8. Jio

If you are Indian then you will know very well about the Jio company. Jio Brands is an Indian Telecom Company. The founder of Jio Brands is Mukesh Ambani, who is India’s top businessman.

smartphone brands i india 2022

The headquarter of the Jio company is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Jio Apna Phone does not offer 2G or 3G service, it only supports its 4G network service.

Let me tell you that in September 2019, Jio launched home broadband, television, and telephone. Jio has offered very cheap phones in India. The price of which starts from only 1500 rupees. On this phone, you will get all the features of an Android phone.

Jio Mobile Brands in India
HeadquarterNavi Mumbai
Established2007, Ahmedabad
FounderMukesh Ambani

9. Motorola

The headquarters of the Motorola company in India are located in Delhi, Mumbai, and also in different places. Motorola Vibration was co-founded by Paul Galvin and Joseph Galvin. Let me tell you, Motorola Mobility is a consumer electronics and telecommunications company.

phone brands in india 2022

It rose through the ranks once again after the Motorola brand was bought by Lenovo, and it also runs on the Android operating system developed by Google. The Chinese technology owned by Motorola Brands is owned by Lenovo.

Motorola launches reasonably affordable smartphones in the country. This smartphone features the features with the latest technology, which is a Chinese multinational brand. Motorola is one of the top brands in India.

Motorola Mobile Brands in India
HeadquarterChicago, Illinois, United States
Established25 Sep-1928
FounderPaul Galvin, Joseph Galvin
In India HeadquarterGurgaon, Delhi

10. Realme

Realme company launched the best smartphone since its inception. This realm made its identity or brand very soon in India. Sky Lee is the founder of Realme which was founded on 4th May 2018.smartphone compani in india

This brand is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer. In today’s time, Realme has made a different brand in India.

In the Realme smartphone, you have the very best battery, performance, features, and storage. Realme Headquarters in India is available in Mumbai, New Delhi, etc. (Mobile Brands in India) 

Realme Smartphone Brands
HeadquarterShenzen China
Established4 May 2018
FounderSKY Li
In India HeadquarterGreater Noida

11. Nokia

Let me tell you, Nokia is one of the best multinational corporations, and it is a very old brand. The price of the Nokia company’s phone starts from 1000. Nokia has brought both cheap and expensive phones to the market.

This phone is a well-known old brand in India. The Nokia company has brought both the keypad and Android phones to India. In the Nokia smartphone, you will get the benefit of a 5G technology data connection. You can also do gaming and programming in Nokia brands.

best phone brands in india

The founders of the Nokia company are Fredrik Idestam, Eduard Polón, and Leo Mechelin. This company was founded on 12 May 1865 in Finland. (Mobile Brands in India 2022) 

Nokia Mobile Brands in India
HeadquarterEspoo, Finland
Established12 May 1865
FounderFredrik Idestam, Eduard Polón, Leo Mechelin
In India HeadquarterMumbai, Bangaluru

12. Lenovo

The founder of Lenovo is Liu Chuanzhi. It was established on 1 November 1984, in Beijing, China. Let me tell you, Lenovo is a China multinational technology company, headquartered in Beijing, China, and Morrisville, North Carolina.

Lenovo today also designs, develops, manufactures, and sells computers, tablets, IT Management Software, smartphones, workstations, servers, electronic storage devices, and smart TVs in India and other countries.

People started liking Lenovo phones very fast in India. Manufacture of Levono in India is available in every state such as Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Chandigarh, etc. Levono has launched the very best phone in India. If you want to buy a phone, then definitely think about Lenovo.

Levono Mobile Brands in India
HeadquarterBeijing, China
Established1 November 1984
FounderLiu Chuanzhi
In India HeadquarterAhmedabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Chandigarh

13. Sony

Sony Mobile Brands is a Japanese multinational telecommunications company. Sony’s headquarter is located in Tokyo. Sony company was founded on 7 May 1964 in Japan. This phone was founder by Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka.

In today’s time, the Sony company has become very popular in India. Consumers and professionals can benefit from its diverse business including electronics, gaming, entertainment, and financial services.

phone brands in india

Sony brand phone and together have brought products like laptops, TV, home theatre, speaker, headphone, etc. into the market. Sony launches all its products with amazing designs and features.

Sony company in India is located at A-18, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate, Mathura Road, New Delhi (110044). Its branch is available in all the states of India.

Sony Mobile Brands in India
Established7 May 1964
FounderAkio Morita, Masaru Ibuka
In India HeadquarterMathura Road, New Delhi

14. Micromax

Let us tell you that Micromax is a mobile company brand. This company is Made in India. Micromax launches its phone with new technology smartphone at an affordable price in India.

Micromax as a consumer electronics company is established in Gurugram, India. It was established on 2 March 2000. The founder of Micromax company is Rahul Sharma. Which was established in Gurugram, India as a consumer electronics company.

This company provides its service all over the country. The company faced a lot of difficulties in starting, but in 2010, Micromax became India’s No. 1 smartphone.

This phone comes in the market at a very low price. Micromax is one of the top ‘Made in India’ smartphones. No other company can replace the Micromax phones.

Micromax Mobile Brands in India
Established2 March 2000
FounderRahul Sharma

15. Asus

Let me tell you, AsusTek is a Taiwan-based multinational electronics company. Its headquarter is located in Taiwan. This company was established on 2nd April 1989. The founder of this company is T.H. Tung, Ted Hsu, Wayne Hsieh, and M.T. Liao.

smartphone brands in india

This company is capable of making computer and phone hardware. Asus is among the top-three consumer notebooks apart from being the best gaming brand.

This company has made its place all around India. The phone of this company is also amazingly designed. Asus headquarter in India is in New Delhi, Maharashtra.

Asus Mobile Brands in India
Established2 April 1989
FounderT.H. Tung, Ted Hsu, Wayne Hsieh, M.T. Liao.
In India HeadquarterNew Delhi, Maharashtra

16. Honor

The honor comes with a lot of great features. The founder of this phone is Ren Zhengfei. This company was established in 2013 in Shenzhen, China. Honor is a smartphone owned by Huawei. The honor comes with very good features and performance for the youth.

phone brands in india 2022
(Image Credit: The Verge)

The design of the Honor smartphone is different from all the phones. Honor designs all the products very well. Honor smartphone has become very popular in India.

Honor brand launches band for step tracking and blood circulation. Honor has become one of the popular brands in the global smartphone market. Honor Headquarters in India in Bangaluru is available.

Honor Smartphone Brands
HeadquarterShenzhen, China
FounderRen Zhengfei
In India HeadquarterBangaluru

Special Features in Smartphones by Mobile Brands

If you want to buy a smartphone, then you must see the special features mentioned below. We have listed some important ones here.

  • Fast Charging Option & Camera Quality

The fast charge feature is a new feature because in today’s time everyone wants the phone to be charged fast, so most smartphone companies have designed it with these features only. You also know that there are some mobile brands that do not support fast charging.

If your phone supports fast charging, then you will not have to wait for a long time for charging. If you travel a lot then you should consider buying fast charging support mobiles. You should also take care of camera quality. If you do photography then you should take extra care.

  • Fingerprint sensor and storage

Let me tell you that today everyone wants to buy a fingerprint sensor support mobile phone. A fingerprint sensor has been designed a few years back, but it is now considered a basic feature in a smartphone.

While buying the phone, you should keep in mind whether the phone has support for fingerprints or not. Some smartphones have fingerprint sensors on the back, while some have them at the bottom of the front.

But now the latest phones like Redmi Note 10 S and other company phones include fingerprint support on the side (on-off button). You must also take care of storage. You buy a phone with more storage according to the price of your phone.

  • Latest OS and Processor

If you want to buy a new smartphone, then you must keep in mind the latest operating system. Because if you have an updated operating system available, then your smartphone will run smoothly, and there is no risk of any kind.

If the purchased smartphone does not have the latest operating system, then your phone will not perform well. Before buying the phone, also take care of the processor, so that your mobile will give good performance.

Frequently asked question

Q1. Which are the best Mobile Brands in India 2021-22?

Answer 2. The topmost popular smartphone companies in India are Samsung, Vivo, Nokia, Xiaomi, One-plus, Apple, Vivo, Oppo, and many more.

Q1. Which is the number 1 mobile Brand in India?

Answer 1. Realme is the No. 1 smartphone brand in India 2021, along with the best brands in India like- Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, and Micromax.

Q3. Which brand of mobile is on sale at the cheapest price?

Answer 3. Some of the Cheapest mobile brands are Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, Micromax, and Realme.

Q 4. Is the Realme smartphone better than Redmi?

Answer 4. Both the smartphones are better for their price but the Redmi Note series is good with the Redmi Note 6 Pro.

Q 5. Which brands have the best UI in India?

Answer 5. The UI of all the mobile companies in India is very good like Samsung, Realme, Xiaomi, Oppo, etc.

Q 5. Which are the top 10 Mobile Brands in India?

A5. The top 10 Mobile Brands in India are Samsung, Apple, Vivo, Oppo, One-plus, Xiaomi, Apple, Realme, and Honor.

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