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Airtel Free Internet Tricks 2024: Get 10GB, 30GB, 360GB Free Data

No data left on your Airtel number? Here are the 5 legit ways to get free internet on Airtel. You can claim up to 10GB, 30GB, 60GB, 360GB of free Airtel data.
Free Airtel Internet Trick 2024 for prepaid and postpaid mobile

We are in the Airtel 5G internet era meaning data usage has increased so much that the data that comes in plans are not enough.

However, the data plans, nowadays, on Airtel have increased so much that it’s hard to afford. Now, this is where we look for the tricks to get free data on Airtel.

There are a lot of tips and tricks to get Airtel data packs for free for both prepaid and postpaid. But, most of them are expired, fake, or a waste of time.

Well, cut to the chase, you can still get free internet on your Airtel number in multiple ways. The catch is, you’ve to find the genuine ones.

In this article, we’ll look at internet data coupons, codes, offers, and all the working methods to get free internet data on Airtel worth 10GB, 30GB, 360GB, etc.

Free Airtel data 2024: Offers and tricks

Free Airtel data offers and tricksFree Data Pack
Call 51111 and avail of the offerAirtel 30GB data
Swap Airtel SIM and get the free dataAirtel 360GB data offer
The VoLTE Scheme30GB data
SMS Airtel free data code ‘Surprise’ to 12160GB free Postpaid data
Call 5999555 to get free 4G data10GB data

How to get free data on Airtel (2024)

1. Free 30GB Airtel data offer

If you are a newly registered Airtel customer who recently got a prepaid number, you can claim free 30GB internet pack on your number with the latest data offer.

To get the free 30GB data on your Airtel prepaid number, follow the steps below:

Step 1: First, insert your new Airtel SIM to your smartphone and make sure it’s activated.

Step 2: Open the default dialer or phone app and dial 51111 using your Airtel number.

Step 3: The 30GB offer will now be activated, and you will soon receive the 30GB data on your Airtel number for free, along with a confirmation message.

2. Free 360GB internet with Airtel SIM swap trick

If you want a free internet pack on your Airtel number for a year, you can use the SIM swap trick without paying a penny. The idea is, we can repeat the 30GB offer every month. This way, you can grab up to 360GB of free Airtel data.

To get the free 360GB data using the Airtel SIM swap trick, follow the steps below:

Step 1: First, write your current Airtel number on paper and take your Aadhar card with you.

Step 2: Visit your nearest Airtel store or retailer and tell the executive to swap your Airtel SIM with a new one.

Step 3: The retailer will now ask for your current Airtel number and SIM along with your Aadhaar card as ID proof. After the verification and documentation process, you will get the new Airtel SIM with the same number.

Step 4: Now, insert your new Airtel SIM into your smartphone and wait for up to 15 minutes for it to be activated.

Step 6: After at least 4 hours, simply dial 51111 from your newly swapped Airtel SIM.

That’s it. This will now activate the data offer and you’ll get 30GB of free data on your Airtel number. You will shortly get a confirmation message for this.

You should repeat this process for 12 months straight, and by the end of the year, you will have accumulated a total of 360GB of free internet on your Airtel number.

3. 30GB VoLTE Scheme

One of the easiest ways to claim free 30GB internet on an Airtel prepaid number is the VoLTE Scheme. This new offer by Airtel allows you to grab 3GB of data free of cost just by registering your number for the offer.

To get the Airtel 30GB free 4G data pack using VoLTE Scheme, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open the Airtel Thanks app on your smartphone.

Step 2: Log in using your Airtel mobile number and OTP.

Step 3: Now, tap on the VoLTE Scheme banner appearing on top.

Step 4: Next, validate your contact information such as name, mobile number, address, etc.

Step 5: Lastly, give the feedback for the VoLTE Scheme and submit.

You will now get the 30GB 4G data for free on your Airtel number including a confirmation message.

4. 60GB Airtel Postpaid offer

If you’re using an Airtel Postpaid SIM, you can take advantage of the 60GB trick to get free internet data on your number. Keep in mind that you’ll get 10GB of data per month for up to 6 months straight. This way, you’ll end up with 60GB of data.

Here are the steps to follow to claim 60GB data on Airtel postpaid for free:

Step 1: Open the Airtel Thanks app on your smartphone and log in using your Airtel postpaid number.

Step 2: After that, you will see a banner stating the free 60GB 4G data offer, tap on it.

Step 3: If you don’t see the 60GB offer banner, send an SMS “SURPRISE” to 121; otherwise skip it.

Congratulations. Your Airtel postpaid number will be credited with 10GB of free data for 6 consecutive months.

5. 10GB Airtel data for 3 months offer

Last but not least, you can get your hands on free 10GB 4G data for your Airtel number which can be used for 3 months with an offer.

To claim the 10GB data for 3 months offer on Airtel, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Simply dial 5999555 from your Airtel number.

Step 2: If you’re lucky enough, you will get 10GB of data directly on your number.

This will unlock the 10GB free internet pack which will be valid for 3 months. So, you can use it in emergency cases.


What is the free Airtel data code number?

You can simply dial on *141*567# to avail free Airtel 5GB data.

Can I get free data on my Airtel number?

Yes, you can get free 30GB add-on data on your Airtel number by simply dialing 51111. This will be valid of 30 days.

Is there a way to get free internet on Airtel?

There are no official ways to get free internet pack on an Airtel number officially. Most of the tricks to get free Airtel data are fake and expired. However, you can avail some Airtel data offers to get free internet on your number.

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