Far Cry 6 confirmed Release Date for Xbox One, PS4, PC at 2021

Far Cry 6 has been announced, revealing a Caribbean island simmering.

Far Cry 6 has been announced, revealing a Caribbean island simmering with modern tension. The Far Cry franchise has continually had an aptitude for captivating antagonists, and Far Cry 6 will function actor Giancarlo Esposito (“Better Call Saul,” “The Boys,” “The Mandalorian”) as President Anton Castillo, the violent chief who grips the island of Yara with a iron fist, promising a return to its former glory.

With an arsenal of weapons and allies at your back, you’ll take on Castillo’s regime and combat for the future of Yara.

Far Cry 6 is coming on February 18, 2021, on various platforms like Epic Games Store, Uplay, UPLAY+ for Xbox Series X, PS5, Xbox One, PS4, Stadia, and PC.

Far Cry 6

As Dani Rojas (playable as a lady or male character), you will assist stoke the fires of revolution via guerrilla hostilities throughout the island of Yara, from verdant jungles to the city streets of the capital city, Esperanza. You’ll use an effective array of weapons and vehicles, and construct a community of allies to combat alongside you, along with Fangs for Hire like Chorizo, the dangerously distracting wiener dog.

As President Castillo prepares his son Diego, performed with the aid of Anthony Gonzalez (“Coco”), to prevail him, you will do all you can to make certain his plans don’t come to fruition.

Far Cry 6 Pre-Order

Far Cry 6 Ubisoft

Far Cry 6 is now reachable for pre-order. Players who buy the recreation on Xbox One or PS4 will be in a position to improve their model to Xbox Series X or PS5, respectively, at no cost. Pre-ordering will free up get right of entry to the Libertad pack, which consists of the Libertad outfit for Chorizo as nicely as the Discos Locos, a weaponized disc launcher. More statistics on the variations reachable for pre-order follow.

Far Cry 6 Editions

Far Cry 6 Confirmed

The Gold Edition will consist of the base recreation and the Season Pass. The Ultimate Edition will encompass the base game, the Season Pass, and the Ultimate Pack, which consists of the Jungle Expedition pack, the Croc Hunter pack, and the Vice pack.

The Collector’s Edition will encompass the base game, Season Pass, the Ultimate pack, a high-end reproduction of “Tostador,” an in-game flamethrower weapon (7 components to be assembled, length: 72cm), a “How to Assemble” one-pager paintings illustrated via artist Tobatron, a special Collector’s Case primarily based on Tobatron’s iconic artwork style, an extraordinary Steelbook, a 64-page artbook, a set of 10 stickers, a Chorizo keyring, a map, and a chosen soundtracks.

An island kingdom is in the grip of a brutal tyrant. Unrest simmers on the streets of the capital city, and escalating tensions will quickly boil over into full-on revolution. This is Far Cry 6, coming to Xbox Series X and Xbox One on February 18, 2021, to solid you in the position of a freedom fighter.

As you combat for the liberation of your homeland, Yara, there is one man above all who stands in your way: Antón Castillo. Portrayed with the aid of Emmy Award Nominee Giancarlo Esposito (“Better Call Saul,” “The Boys,” “The Mandalorian”), Castillo joins the ranks of such legendary Far Cry villains as Vaas, Pagan Min, and Joseph Seed as he guarantees to return the human beings of Yara to their former glory. But at what cost?

Far Cry 6 Story

Far Cry 6 Launch

A highly excessive cost, as it turns out. Castillo’s military is strolling roughshod over the populace, and the violent clashes starkly with the serene Caribbean waters, pristine beaches, and prosperous tropical forests of Yara. Your guerrilla marketing campaign will sweep throughout the island, from the rural farmlands to the streets of Esperanza, the franchise’s first city surroundings to date.

And you won’t be hostilities alone; many of the humans and animals who name Yara domestic are fed up with Castillo’s reign and would do something to end him from grooming his son, Diego (played through Anthony Gonzalez of “Coco”), to take over his regime. With an effective array of weapons, vehicles, and allies at the back of you — together with Chorizo, the dangerously distracting wiener canine — Castillo is in for a fight.

Far Cry 6 Stores

Far Cry 6 is accessible for pre-order on the In Epic games Store and Microsoft Store now for Xbox One, and Smart Delivery will let you improve to the Xbox Series X model at no extra cost. Pre-ordering will release the Libertad Pack, which supplies you with a Libertad Outfit for Chorizo and a weaponized disc launcher known as the “Discos Locos.”

In addition to the Standard Model of the game, the Gold and Ultimate variations are additionally handy for pre-order on the Microsoft Store. The Gold Edition consists of the Season Pass, whilst the Ultimate Edition provides a bevy of new content material with the Ultimate pack, which consists of the Jungle Expedition, Croc Hunter, and Vice packs.

Far Cry 6 Price

If you’re hankering for some Far Cry enjoyable earlier than Far Cry 6 arrives on February 18, take benefit of some of the lowest expenditures in franchise records for the duration of the Far Cry sale going on proper now in the Microsoft Store (Editor’s Note: from July thirteen to July 20). Far Cry three for $3. Far Cry four for $6. Far Cry 5 for $9. That’s a lot of open-world havoc simply ready to be wreaked, and a lot of the aforementioned sinister villains to take down. Just be positive to act earlier than the sale ends on July 20. Oh, and ship Vaas my regards.

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