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Philips OLED 805 / OLED 855 review

Can AI processing raise the bar for Philips’ 2020 OLED displays?


Tech giant Philips is always concerned for their OLED technology and will continue with Philips OLED 805 and 2020’s OLED 855 models.


  • Great Picture Quality
  • Neat Ambilight feature+
  • AI processing is good


  • No HDMI 2.1
  • No eARC


It is considered as the best TV panel technology out there, but with the OLED screens, now the TV technologies are spreading moreover day by day.

For Philips, the main improvement since previous years is Ambilight technology. The new 4K Philips OLED 805 and Philips OLED 855 has the Ambilight technology, but it’s not enough to cover the screen tech anymore.

Philips OLED 805: Ambilight Technology

It has a new P5 processing engine for pictures. Now in Philip’s 4th generation, they’re bringing AI-Powered Image enhancements to the sector. Here’s the complete facts that what we think about screens, and the engine.

Philips OLED 805
(Image credit: TechRadar)

Price and Availability

The official price has not been declared for Philips OLED 805 and OLED 855, but we have expected release date to be declared at the end of 2020. In terms of pricing expectation, we have considered both models as the flagship OLED televisions, so probably the price could be £1,500.

Let me know you that these televisions will be Philips business As usual – that’s why these models will not be distributed to the USA, the Funai handles the Philips branding, instead. So we can’t expect them to be set to the USA.

Philips OLED 805 / OLED 855 review - Digital Bachat
(Image credit: Future)


The Philips OLED 805 and OLED 855 are pretty much the same in terms of spec sheets.

Both models have chrome finishing edges and bezels less screen, the OLED 805 featured with a ‘chamfered stand’ while the OLED 855 featured with a central stand that sticks out like a thin foot from its front.

Both panels are thin relatively like most OLED screens, but due to the inclusion of three-sided (top, left, and right), they prod more.

Ambilight LEDs, which lighten up to reflect the screen actions, and the blooming colors to the wall behind them. It’s a worthy trade-off.

The main thing that is noticeable is that they don’t have the most useful sound system onboard like built-in Bowers and Wilkins soundbar, which we can see on other high-end models of Philips TV. Also note, that there is enough clear-cut space between the AV unit-mounted surface and the TV set’s panels that we can see in the new design so that you will be able to sit the soundbar comfortably in front without obscuring your view of the TV.

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