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BGMI Lite Review: Release date, graphics, download link and more


BGMI has gained a huge fan following ever since it was launched as the Indian version of the PUBG game, but a lot of fans are waiting for BGMI Lite as it can run on low-end devices. Here are its release date, graphics, features, and a complete BGMI Lite review.

BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) became more popular since its launch after the Indian government banned PUBG Mobile and other 118 apps.

Then PUBG Mobile was created with PUBG Lite, which is a smaller version of PUBG.

After about 10 months, PUBG Moblie was back in India in the form of BGMI. The new PUBG like alternative game reached its peak popularity but there was no news of PUBG lite. But just a few days ago, the news of BGMI Lite is coming, Well, we have some information about BGMI Lite.

BGMI Lite has a capability of 60 players descend on the resource-rich 2km x 2km island and battle it out to survive on a shrinking battlefield. Discover weapons, vehicles, and supplies to aid you in battle. Get ready to fly and fight to be the last one standing.


It has only two maps which are Varenga (2×2 km) and one more is Golden Woods (2×2 km), After its relaunch, its have a possibility of new maps according to leaks. Supports 12 languages like English, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, French, Portuguese, Indonesian, Thai, German, and etc.

BGMI Lite release date

After the ban of PUBG Lite, A lot of questions are being asked on the internet about when Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite will be released by users of the BGMI games. Keeping in mind the ever-increasing number of users of BGMI, it may now also be released to BGMI Lite users on the Google Play Store, then finally a link has been taken out from the side of the craft that BGMI Lite.

The launch date of BGMI lite in India is released by the official site, And it will be on this New Year 2022, The pre-registration is open on this New Year for android users on  Playstore, and for iOS, on Appstore, it will be able to play or download MARCH 2022. All dates are Expected and not confirmed it will be changed, but the launch event and announcement are declared this new year from KRAFTON.

(Image credit: rmupdate)

BGMI Lite Pre regitration

Let us tell about some info for Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite pre-registration, no update is given from Krafton regarding Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite Pre Registration but the leaks were released by YouTubers and other sources are it will soon be available to download in the play store.


If you are waiting to download and play Battlegrounds Mobile India lite on your PC and Mobiles, then have to wait for Pre Registration for Battlegrounds Mobile India lite. Nothing official about the game’s actual release has been confirmed but according to leaks game is available this New Year for android users on Playstore, and for iOS, on Appstore, the pre-registration periods run from January 2022 to February 2022 (EXPECTED).

BGMI Lite Download APK in India

BGMI Lite is currently not available on the Play Store but in the month between January and February, it will come on pre-registration, after which you can download and play from it when it becomes available for download after a few weeks.

(Image credit: Gamzo)

Whenever every app or game comes on the play store, after its pre-registration, there is early access, which is only for some limited people, if you get it then it will be very good for you but it is mostly on YouTubers. Hey, but after early access, many websites and YouTube provide its download link, so that you can download it very easily.

How to download BGMI lite

  1. Go to the Play Store search for BGMI Lite.
  2. If you had done pre-registration then you will get a notification of May which you will get the beta version.
  3. After that, click on the first application they will ask a question about “become a beta tester”.
  4. Now click on “I’M IN” and click on the Install button.
  5. After installing the open App allows all permissions your BGMI lite is ready to play.

Note: These steps are usable after BGMI Lite launches.

About BGMI Lite

(Image credit: Xady Tech)

Fair Gaming Environment

It has an advanced anti-cheat system to ensure that all Battleground Moblie India Lite players can enjoy a fair gaming experience. But sometimes Hacker imbalanced game, but the good thing is that BGMI anti-hack system is very good.


Warehouse: Intense 4 vs 4 battles with endless feedback for exciting matches. We all expect more mods like Team Deathmatch, Gun Game, Domination, etc These mods are available to play in BGMI so we all so expect that.

Team up with Friends

Local Team-Up, Room Card, and Clan Mode make it easy to play with your friends anytime, anywhere. Invite friends to play using voice chat and build a winning strategy together. Stun your enemies by ambushing. Revive your comrades in the heat of battle and fight for the dominance of your clan.

Graphics and Audio

The amazing Unreal Engine 4 creates realistic and immersive gameplay on a detailed HD map. High-definition audio and 3D sound effects bring you to firefights like never before. BGMI Lite is a really good option for people with low-end devices which only require 600MB of free space, 1GB of RAM, and android version 4.0.3 and above to run smoothly. It supports a frame rate of up to 60 FPS while players opt for HD graphics.


New Maps

Since BGMI is the same as PUBG Mobile, it is expected that the features of BGMI Lite will be similar to that of PUBG Mobile Lite. There are two maps in PUBG Mobile Lite, first Varenga and second Golden Woods. There are some possibilities of new maps with a different name in BGMI Lite which are expected by all players. Maybe we can get to see the map and someplace names changed.

Winner Pass

After the launch of BGMI Lite, we may get to see the Winner Pass as it is necessary to bring the event and Winner Pass to keep the game interesting, then we will also get to see all new outfits and May Guns skins in that case. And we can get a special offer or discount on the winner pass which may be available on 280 BC and will be less than PUBG Mobile lite.

It can also be assumed that ‘Karftan’ will authorize a site where players can top-up Battle Coins (BC), which will help you buy winning passes and may provide us with a special discount on First Purchases.

Esports can be Improved

After the launch of BGMI, there was a huge jump in its users, because of that, we can get to see something like this, then we will get to see a lot of new events and tournaments, due to which BGMI Lite may endorse The feature would be great.


Since BGMI Lite will have a large fan base, Krafton will organize all tournaments so that all players can enjoy and compete face-to-face with professional players, After that feature of BGMI Lite esports will become very good in the future.

Special Indian Events

BGMI Lite is coming to India very soon, all the fans are waiting for it but after the launch can we see a special event for India? Yes, many new programs will be seen, after the launch of Lite, special programs based on Dussehra, Diwali, and other Indian festivals will be seen. Players can participate in these events and claim exciting prizes for free. In May, you’ll find tons of cool gun skins and cool outfits, all for free.

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