Nothing Phone (2) will be the next iPhone rival: Carl Pei

By Ashoka      |    May 27, 2023


Nothing phone (2)

Nothing Phone (2) started making waves on the internet after a few details were revealed ahead of launch. According to Carl Pie, CEO of Nothing Phone, the Nothing Phone (2) will be the next iPhone rival.

Nothing phone (2): An iPhone Alternative

According to Carl Pei, Nothing Phone (2) has a good chance of competing with the iPhone in markets such as the United States and it will be an alternative to iPhone.

Nothing phone (2): iPhone Challenger

Pei stated to Forbes, "With the US being a very Apple-dominated market with no real option for people looking for an alternative, it represents a good opportunity for Phone (2)."

Nothing phone (2): Launch Date

In an interview with Forbes, Carl Pei confirmed that the second-generation Nothing Phone will be available globally in July of this year.