You can now use WhatsApp on multiple phones: Check details

By Chandramohan Rajput      |     Apr 26, 2023


WhatsApp new update

Meta recently released a significant update to its instant cross-platform messaging app, WhatsApp, allowing users to access a single WhatsApp account on multiple devices.

Same WhatsApp On multiple devices

WhatsApp now allows you to use the same account on up to four devices at the same time. This allows users to use WhatsApp on companion devices without having to log out of the main phone.

No internet required on primary device

The companion devices will continue to receive messages even if the primary device is disconnected from the internet, which makes it even more unique.

Can be used on up to 4 devices

Please keep in mind that one WhatsApp account can only be used on a maximum of four devices, which includes smartphones, PCs, and tablets.

How to use WhatsApp on Multiple Devices

To use WhatsApp on multiple Android devices and iPhones, you'll need to connect the companion devices to the primary phone.