JioCinema will no longer be free: Here are premium plan leaks

By Chandan      |     April 25, 2023



JioCinema is India's most popular streaming platforms. The OTT platform ended up being the official streaming platform for the FIFA World Cup 2022 and is currently broadcasting the Tata IPL 2023.

Jiocinema Won't be free

According to a report published last week, the service provider intends to begin charging for content on JioCinema.

JioCinema may soon charge

A leaked image of the JioCinema test website provides a sneak peek at the plans and pricing list even though the company has not yet disclosed the official price.

JioCinema Leaked Plans

The Redditor shared a screenshot of the website, which shows three plans: daily, quarterly, and annual.

JioCinema Plans pricing

The daily plan is only Rs 2, which could be a promotional offer. The quarterly plan is priced at Rs 99 as Gold plan. The Annual Platinum plan is priced at Rs 599.

JioCinema Premium launch date

The Reddit leak seems promising, but there has been no official confirmation from the company, and even if the plan is under development, Jio might postpone it to a later time or even abandon it entirely.