iPhone 15 Pro Max to have this record-breaking feature

By Ashoka      |     Mar 11, 2023


iphone 15 pro max

Although the iPhone 15 Pro Max hasn't made news yet, there are rumours that describe its features and look.

What's New?

The next iPhone 15 Pro Max will break the record, according to a recent rumour on the market.

The world record rumour

Ice Universe reported on Twitter that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will have bezels that are even narrower than those on the iPhone 14 Pro Max series at the moment.

Thinnest bezel

The reports suggest that the iPhone 15 Pro Max may have 1.55mm super-thin borders. However, it defers for body and display.

iApple's New Benchmark

The iPhone 15 Pro Max will set a new record". In this regard, the upcoming iPhone will undoubtedly outperform all Android phones. However, the Xiaomi 13 Pro takes the top spot with 1.81 mm bezels.

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