Grammarly launches AI-Powered writing assistant GrammarlyGO

By Chandramohan Rajput      |     Mar 11, 2023


Grammarly New AI TOOL

Grammarly has announced GrammarlyGo, a new writing assistant feature that will utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve its services.


GrammarlyGo will allow writers to use AI to rewrite their work and improve its quality similar to popular ChatGPT.

grammarly-go features

GrammarlyGo keeps track of the context, preferences, and goals to generate output on user demand. It includes customized voice options to read text aloud and uses AI technology to help suggest ideas to users.

How grammarly-GO works?

GrammarlyGO is based on the GPT3 model, which is also used by ChatGPT. Furthermore, the company has backed off with its AI system, in which the existing tools work.

Grammarly-go availability

GrammarlyGO's beta version is expected to launch in April for Premium, Business, and Education subscribers. Moreover, users of the free version in the US, UK, etc. will have access to the feature before other regions.