Zoom app for Chromebook is shutting down

After August 2022, this app will no longer be officially supported. To attend meetings on ChromeOS, please use the new Zoom for Chrome PWA.

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When will the Zoom app for Chromebooks stop?

This app will no longer be officially supported after August 2022. Use the new Zoom for Chrome PWAs to join meetings on ChromeOS.

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Why is Zoom closing the app on Chromebook?

According to the article, while the software has been in the works for a few years now, its functionality is relatively limited. Also, this is a primary reason why the app hasn't received any significant changes in a long time.

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How can one zoom in on a Chromebook?

Zoom launched their PWA for Chromebooks. It functions similarly to Zoom on macOS. Zoom has also been updating PWAs on a regular basis.

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What are Web Apps (PWA)Progressive ? 

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are websites that give an app-like experience. Instead of being installed, these apps operate like conventional web pages. Google has been promoting PWAs for ChromeOS for some time now and starting in June 2022, Google may shut down practically all Chrome apps on ChromeOS.