Windows 11 insider preview build 25158

What's new in Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25158

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On the taskbar, the magnifying glass symbol for Search has been replaced with a huge Search the Web shortcut.

Search the Web shortcut on the Taskbar

When you click on the Widgets shortcut on the taskbar, the Widgets panel opens, and you will notice a banner at the top of the board that triggered the notification badge.

Windows 11 New build's features

DNS over TLS testing for Windows DNS client query protection is now available. The text texture of the Ethiopic language has been enhanced, and the Nyala font has been upgraded to enable syllables for the Gurage language orthography.

Other changes in Build 25158

The issue with the net adapter green screen, which was producing bugchecks with the error message KMODE EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED in NetAdapterCx.sys, has been resolved.

Fixes in Windows 11 build 25158

The newest build has three new known problems. SQL Server Management Studio may not start. On the taskbar, the notification badge may be misaligned. The new notification banner may not display in the Widgets board.

Known issues in Windows 11 build 25158