What is the ‘K’ sticker on the arm of Shreyas Iyer?

In a KKR match, viewers noticed a black color sticker on Shreyas Iyer's right triceps with the symbol ‘K’.

The ‘K’ sticker is basically an expensive fitness gadget from a Bengaluru startup called Ultrahuman.

It is basically a continuous real-time blood glucose monitor that pairs with an iPhone app called Ultrahuman.

The Ultrahuman M1 or the ‘K’ sticker consists of a biosensor that needs to be attached to your tricep.

So, this device basically tells how much energy is there in your body real-time and when you should sleep, eat or workout.

The concept of Ultrahuman chip is simple: monitor your blood glucose on a regular basis so that you don’t get diabetes at all

Shreyas Iyer recently partnered with Ultrahuman and started using the gadget Ultrahuman M1.