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LG CNED Mini LED 8K TV to be launched 2021



  • The LG TV range will be available in sizes up to 86 inches.
  • Similarly, Samsung has also launched a 110-inch Micro LED TV a few days ago.
  • LG will use the upcoming QNED TV Mini LED technology.

LG CNED Mini LED 8K TV to be launched in 2021 event. The company announced today, will be the first consumer-focused range of mini-LED TVs from South Korean tech. The LG CNED Mini LED 8K TV will be available in 86 inch, 8K different sizes, and Biclamo.


The new display technology will also combine Quantum Dot and LG’s Nano cell Technologies, the company’s most premium television available to consumers when the LG CNED Mini LED 8K TV is officially launched in 2021.

(Image Credit: LG Electronics)

This television uses mini-LED technology as a light source, illuminating more than 30,000 small mini-LED displays which would produce 2500 local dimming zones and contrast ratios of 1,000,000.

As mentioned, it combines the quantum dot layer and the company-owned nano cell technology, for which LG will have a premium viewing experience capable of OLED technology.

This allows for more local control over the brightness of the panel, which is the same for a higher overall contrast ratio, less bloom or halo, which would produce a traditional full-on 2500 local dimming zone and a contrast ratio of 1,000,000 which also affects backlighting.


LG says the LG CNED Mini LED 8K TV QNED Mini LED TV range can sit between the flagship OLED range and the more budget oriented NanoCell model.

LG CNED Mini LED 8K TV: Specifications

It is not yet known how many models of this new range LG CNED Mini LED 8K TV is available, and what is their specification. While LG has stated that it will be launching 10 new 4K and 8K TV models in 2021, with the biggest size being 86-inch. More information is to be revealed by us, which will start after 11 January.

(Image Credit: LG Newsroom)

It will be accessed online. The LG CNED Mini LED will be based on both the MicroLED and Mini-LED LCD displays of the 8K TV and will serve as an alternative to OLED technology, currently the most premium in the mass market.

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