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How to Play Chess 2022: Complete Guide for Beginner to Pro

How to Play Chess

Chess is also called brain game 2 players can easily play chess on the chessboard. It’s a simple game, just like that, it’s as old as that. If you don’t know how to play chess so here is a small tutorial on it.

There are many sports in sports but do you know that chess is also a part of them in which all the people have been chess masters. Chess is such a game that you will have fun playing it as well as increase your IQ level, and many people believe that playing it also floods the thinking ability of the player.

Chess pieces are sets of two different colors. Even if the sets may not be truly white and black (e.g. light sets may be yellow or off-white in color, dark sets may be brown or red), they are always referred to as “white” and “black”.

Each type of piece moves in a different way. The object of the game is to checkmate (threatening with an inevitable capture) the opponent’s king. A game can also end in a draw in several ways.

What is Chess?

Chess is an indoor game, which has no age limit, but only a sensible person can play it. There is no age limit to play Chess, so it is preferred by older men, women, and men.

Chess, one of the oldest and most popular board games, is played by two opponents on a checkered board with specially designed pieces of opposite colors such as white and black.

White moves first, after which the players alternate according to the rules, with each player attempting to force the opponent’s leading piece, the king, into checkmate, a position where he is unable to avoid capture.


Chess first appeared in India in the 6th century AD and had spread from Asia to the Middle East and Europe by the 10th century. Since at least the 15th century, chess has been known as the “royal game”, as it is popular among the elite.

Rule and set design evolved gradually until both reached the standard they are today in the early 19th century.

How to Play Chess Game: Rules

History of Chess Game

If players want to know about how to play chess So, you want to know about it So, the history of the Chess game is not well written anywhere, it is said that people started to play chess almost 2000 years ago.

From India, it developed to Persia. After the Arab invasion and the conquest of Persia, chess was adopted by the Muslim world and later spread to southern Europe.

This type of game started when there was a Gupta Empire in 280-550. After this, the game of chess started in Southern Europe around 1200, in which major changes were made in the game around 1475, which we play today. The game was adopted in Spain and Italy with changes.

In the 19th century, modern chess tournament play began, and the first official World Chess Championship was held in 1886. The 20th century saw a major leap forward in chess theory and the founding of the World Chess Federation.

Aim of Chess Game

The chess game is played by two people against each other. The chessboard consists of 64 boxes, which are white, black. Totals play this game with 32 pieces (piece), in which each player has 16 pieces.

It consists of 16 white and 16 black pieces. Each team has 1 king, 1 queen, 2 Rook, 2 Knights, 2 Bishops, and 8 Pawns. The goal of this game is to give check and checkmate to the player in front.

The position of check and check is when someone occupies the place of the king, and no one can remove him from that occupation.


Chess Game and its rules

How to Play Chess
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At the beginning of the game, all the pieces are stored on the chessboard. The setting of these pieces is the same in the game every time, there is no change in it. One player takes the white ball, the other black.

To set up the chessboard, keep Rook in both corners, then both sides of them keep Knights in both corners, then both sides keep Bishops in their arms.


Then the left side is kept by the king and the right side is the queen. They have 8 Pawns in the front line. Whoever takes the white bunny, walks first. Rook Knight Bishop king queen Bishop Knight Rook

How to Play Chess Game

In Chess, every Got has its way of moving, it moves only at a certain place. In this, no piece can be moved over any other piece, if it is in front of it, it is killed, but if it is on its own, then it cannot be moved over it. In this, we are showing you how to play chess using the chessboard and its pieces.


The king is the chief of this game, which is played to save it. But despite being the main, it is the weakest. The king can move only one step, up, down, Raju, or diagonally in any direction.


The queen, also known as Wazir, is very powerful in the game. It can move in any direction, slant, straight, forward, backward in any number of squares.


A rook can walk any number of classes according to his wish, but it can only stand or cross, it cannot move diagonally. Rooks are also powerful, they have 2 players. These two work together and protect each other.

How to Play Chess
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Bishop can move any number of classes according to his wish but only moves diagonally. Both Bishops work together and cover their weakness.


The Knight is very different from the rest. It runs two and a half houses in one direction. As L is shaped, so does the trick. A Knight is the only piece that can move over any other piece.


The pawn acts like a soldier. They go one step ahead, but they slay another bunch. Pawn moves only one square at a time, only these 2 squares can move in the first move. It cannot walk back, nor can it kill.

If someone comes in front of the Pawn, it cannot move back, nor can it directly kill the person in front. The Pawn has a special right. If it reaches that side of the board while walking, then any other piece of chess becomes, it is called promotion.


Play Chess by Focusing On The Rules

Rules For Making Moves

How many chess policies are there? Almost 300 but solely a 1/3 relate to the sport itself (most relate to event play and different details). As you start to play, the center of attention on the policies defined above for shifting portions (so you already recognize many rules).

The rules of chess (also known as the rules of chess) govern the game of chess. While the exact origins of chess are unclear, modern rules were first created during the Middle Ages.

The rules changed little until they essentially reached their present form in the early 19th century. The rules also differed from place to place.

Standard rules are set by FIDE, the international governing body for chess. A slight modification is done by some national organizations for their own purposes. Sharp Chess, Correspondence Chess, Online Chess, and Chess 960 have different rules.

At the start of the game, the pieces are arranged, one king, one queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights, and eight pawns for each side. The pieces are placed on a square as follows:

  • The rooks are placed at the outer corners, right and left sides.
  • The knights are immediately placed inside the rooks.
  • The bishop is immediately placed inside the knights.
  • The queen is placed on the central square of the same color as the player: the white queen on the white square and the black queen on the black square.
  • The king takes the vacant place next to the queen.
  • The pawns are placed in a square in front of all the other pieces.

Touch-Move And Capturing Rules

During a game, you and your opponent take turns making moves. A vital rule to understand is the “touch-move” rule, which states that a participant should go a piece when touched if the piece has a prison go (this does not follow to online chess).

The touch-move rule in chess specifies that, if a player intentionally touches a piece on the board when it is their turn, they must move or capture that piece if it is legal to do so.

If it is the player’s piece that was touched, it must be moved when a legal move occurs. If the opponent’s piece was touched, it must be caught if it can be captured by a legal move.

If the touched piece cannot legally be moved or possessed, there is no penalty. It is a rule of chess that is enforced in all formal, over-the-board competitions.

When you cross a piece and occupy the rectangular place an opponent’s piece is located, you seize it. To seize capacity that you take the opponent’s piece off the board and pass your piece to that square. Know we things you can play chess easily and become a pro.

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