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How to get Free Diamonds in Free Fire: Games Kharido, Codashop and more

How to get free diamonds in Free Fire

You need to spend some diamonds in order to get in-game rewards in Free Fire. But it requires a lot of diamonds which is a little bit expensive to collect, so here’s the full guide on how to get free diamonds in Free Fire using Games Kharido, Codashop, and more.

Using in-game rewards is the best way to boost your gaming experience and rank too, you can use gun skins to extend gun abilities and powers. For example, you can apply Dragon skin on an AK-47 gun which boosts the bullets damage and increases the fire rates.

Also, there’re a lot of characters who have different powers according to their skills. Characters like DJ Alok, which is the most popular character in Free Fire, There are a lot of in-game features that you can use to enhance your gaming experience.

You can get these items via in-game features options like Lucky Spin, Purchasing Elite Pass, Opening Crates, or taking any certain events, but these all require diamonds which is a virtual currency of Free Fire.

What is a diamond? Diamonds are the in-game currencies of Garena Free Fire. The gamers require diamonds to get the right of entry to all rewards, and it can be bought with the aid of going to the Diamond area in the game.

Usually, these in-game objects cost many diamonds, making the gamers splurge a lot on them. Sometimes gamers strive to hack the game, which is illegal thus, we have supplied a listing of some reliable capabilities that can be used to purchase diamonds without problems for free.


How to get Free diamonds in Free fire

How to Get free diamonds in Free Fire

1. Weekly or Monthly Membership

Rather than buying the diamonds via top-up, you can decide on a weekly or month-to-month Membership to retailer money. The weekly membership prices Rs.159, whilst the month-to-month membership can be sold for Rs.599 a month.

These two memberships will get you diamonds at very inexpensive charges in evaluation to the top-up. They additionally furnish some brought advantages like S-VIP card. You will get hold of 60 diamonds day by day (420 diamonds) in a weekly membership and 2000 diamonds in a month-to-month membership.


2. Online Surveys

Taking up online surveys is one of the best approaches to get Free Fire diamonds for free. Some many prison apps or web sites pay users for online surveys. These apps will reward you with cash or Google PlayStore credits, which can also be used to buy diamonds.

3. Download new apps

Similar to on-line surveys, some apps or websites reward customers with Google Play Credits to attempt new apps. All they have to do is go to the web page and download one-of-a-kind apps and use them for a few minutes. Then the Google Play Credits will robotically be transferred to the user’s account. The consumer can redeem these credits in the Google Play Account and use them to purchase diamonds at any time.

4. In-game events

Free Fire affords exclusive activities in the sport regularly that affords extra diamonds to the gamers or provide some extraordinary reductions to purchase them. A participant has to maintain checking the most up-to-date in-game match to retailer some cash to purchase diamonds.

Lately, an in-game tournament referred to as a one hundred percent Bonus Diamond top-up tournament is going on, which affords the gamers more diamonds for free. The participant wishes to purchase the diamonds through top-up and get up to five hundred more diamonds throughout the match for free.


5. Free Google Play Credit

Sometimes, Google Play Store presents its customers with free Google Play Credits in their Google account for free. This deposit can be acquired and can be used to accumulate the diamonds in the game.

The participant can make use of the full deposit and spend greater cash to purchase the diamonds in the game. Google Play Store offers customers random credit that can’t be redeemed by way of any different method.

The gamers are recommended no longer to use any hack or unlawful technique to get free diamonds or win matches. This will no longer solely wreck the gameplay journey for you however additionally for different neighborhood players.

Video on how to get free diamonds in Free Fire 2020

How to get Free Diamonds in Free Fire without Topup

There is no trick available to get free diamonds in Free Fire without top up officially but still, you can get free diamonds by using some easy tricks that we’ve mentioned in this article. You don’t need to spend a single penny in order to get free diamonds in Free Fire.

How to get free diamonds in Free Fire
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Free Fire Diamonds Top Up Hack

These in-game objects generally value a lot of diamonds, making the gamers spend a lot of money on them. Players now and again strive to hack the game, which is illegal; we have consequently listed beneath some reliable skill that can be used without problems for free to buy diamonds.

Free Fire Diamonds Hack App

Players would have to pay cash to get these diamonds. For a hundred diamonds they would have to pay INR eighty and INR 250 for 310 diamonds. However, gamers would have to pay cash to get these diamonds. For a hundred diamonds they would have to pay INR eighty and INR 250 for 310 diamonds.

Although a range of gamers in Free Fire can manage to pay to purchase diamonds, this is no longer a possible alternative for everybody else. As a result, many gamers have a tendency to use third-party functions or mods such as the 50,000-diamond Free Fire mod to get them for free.


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